Acceptable Materials

Computers and Servers

Office and Telecom Equipment

Home Office Equipment – All Types


Monitors (Flat Screen)

Computer mice

Cables & all IT accessories



Hard drives

Server Racks

Cable Equipment

Computer power supplies

Computer peripherals

Gaming devices


Network devices

Circuit boards/cards

Media speakers


Fax Machines

Video and Audio Equipment

IV Pumps


Ultrasound Equipment

PBX Systems

Projection Equipment Printers


Security equipment

Receivers and transmitters

Printers Scanners Mobile Phones

Copiers & Multi-Function Devices

All phones & Communication Devices

Cables, CDs & DVD Media

Cable set top box (analog, digital, satellite)

CRT – Projection – LCD Televisions


Accessories & Cables

Plasma & LCD TVs

Stereo equipment Hi-Fi Speakers

Video players

Digital cameras

DVD players

Video cameras

Game consoles

Mobile Devices

Data Center 

EquipmentCable Boxes (analog, digital, satellite) Anesthesia Units



Laboratory and Medical Equipment

Cell Phones/ Smart Phones

Personal Digital Assistant

Gaming Devices

MP3 Players


Test Equipment:

(Commercially Available, not customized)

Meters, Scopes, etc. Servers

Power Distribution Units

Mainframe Computer Equipment (ADPE)

Motor Generator Sets

Several electronic items contain the following hazardous components: lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, chromium, zinc, heavy metals, etc.

Responsible end of life handling of IT assets requires the best expertise in the industry. Cornerstone Technologies provides that expertise with innovative solutions that help customers maximize return and minimize both the data security and environmental risks, which are associated with the disposition of surplus IT assets.

Today, more than ever, corporate America understands the need for professional handling of end of life electronics. Cornerstone Technologies provides professional, seamless solutions and technologies that allow our clientele to be assured that their interests are protected and their risks are minimized.

Cornerstone Technologies is an IT Asset Management Solutions Company and end of life electronics solutions provider nationwide. Our mission is to provide our customers with seamless solutions for maximizing return and minimizing the risks associated with data security and improper handling of end of life electronics.