About Us

Cornerstone Technologies has been providing IT Asset Management and Recovery services nationwide for all local, state and federal government agencies for over a decade. Our fully trained workforce is prepared and capable of providing electronics recycling services nationwide. Cornerstone Technologies mission is to provide trusted and reliable services by establishing long-term relationships across the industry continuum under a quality brand. Cornerstone Technologies offers customized end-to-end solutions, IT Asset Management and Recovery, E-Waste Management, and Electronics Recycling Solutions. Cornerstone Technologies leverages its technical capabilities, and strong relationships to expand the services offered to customers, utilize best management practices, streamlined logistics, state-of-the-art processing efficiencies, and provide a truly global e-waste solution. The expertise and experience of the Cornerstone Technologies senior management team is a key differentiator in the application of sound business development strategies and operational efficiencies.

Cornerstone Technologies primary customer base is (local, state and federal agencies as well as Fortune 500 Companies and “OEM” Original Equipment Manufacturers). These organizations face a mix of regulatory and environmental pressures, as well as an increasing need to protect their brand and more importantly safeguard their data in the management of their end of life IT asset management. Cornerstone Technologies is CERTIFIED to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001-2004 and ISO 45001 Standards and maintains STRICT adherence to the Responsible Recycling Standards. These certifications and standards provide our customers with reassurance that our end-of-life e-waste management is not only fully compliant and certified but is also done with social and environmental responsibility at the forefront. In addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations, we will constantly endeavor to balance environmental considerations and social responsibilities through a sustainable
approach that benefits the consumers, customers, shareholders, associates and communities we serve by both meeting our business goals and protecting and improving the quality of the environment in which we all live. 

In an effort to measure up to these commitments and responsibilities Cornerstone Technologies is committed
to ensuring strict compliance with all relevant local, state, federal and international environmental legislation and regulations and other requirements as identified in the Environmental Management System consistent with the requirements which relate to Cornerstone Technologies Environmental and Stewardship Aspects. Cornerstone
Technologies has implemented sustainable business practices and implemented safe technologies associated with our asset recovery and recycling operations that minimize the creation of waste and prevents pollution through the conservation of energy and that minimizes our ecological footprint. Cornerstone Technologies has in place efficient emergency response procedures that minimize potentially adverse impacts on the environment.

Cornerstone Technologies has acquired or been awarded numerous local, state and federal government contracts and agreements. We serve and build our private business customer relationships across the United States. In connection, therewith, we collect and process all of their “e-waste”, end of life electronics. With 95% of our customers being government agencies, our longevity and security for sustained growth is firmly in place. We service hundreds of school districts and municipalities as well as hundreds of local, state and federal agencies around the United States. We feel these are a few examples of our stability and development strategy that will provide us with a sound scalable business model with a future of sustained growth and profitability in a highly profitable industry.

Cornerstone Technologies feels it is the best suitable recycler for your e-waste recycling needs due not only to its vast experience but through our commitment to timely and effective communication between our staff and all of our clients as well as our priority on customer relations and responsiveness to our customer’s needs. Our commitment towards accurate inventory control and FULL TRANSPARENCY to our customers allows for trust and a sustainable relationship. Our steadfast dedication to our Environmental Policies allows us to ensure that our customers can rest assure that their assets shall be processed and recycled through environmentally sound methods.